Dusza® is an e-commerce specialist. We offer everything you need to increase sales, reduce cost and improve profitability.

We create successful e-commerce websites by offering an all in-house skill set encompassing:




  • Wire frame store design
  • Engaging e-commerce web design
  • Accessibility and user testing

E-commerce Build:

  • Comprehensive CMS
  • Secure shopping cart
  • Product catalog
  • Payment gateway
  • Mobile-optimised store
  • CRM




  • Quality assurance
  • Measurement and analytics
  • Post launch plan

Whether you're launching a new e-commerce business or taking the next step onto a bigger and better platform, the first thing to talk about is you. What's your situation and what do you want to achieve?

We're great at assimilating information and quickly uncover your requirements. Your history, value proposition, product strategy, customer base and target audiences are understood through objectively discussing your brand in its current state. That enables us to create a great e-commerce plan.

Every successful e-commerce web design starts with such a considered plan. Our strategies get everyone on the same page to achieve your goals.

Whether it's touch or click, the shopper is in control, so ensuring usability, accessibility and ease-of-purchase is fundamental.

Ecommerce Jascots

From the outset we ensure the building blocks of your e-commerce, the wire frame, is profit-orientated. Navigation, product hierarchy, calls to action, are all strategically placed.

Shopper-centric design that influences visitors to make an instant decision is creatively combined with on-brand messages. Colour theory, typography, imagery and video - it's all implemented to support sales.

Fast page loads, multiple methods of search, product filters, product suggestions, up-sell, cross-sell, accurate postage prior to checkout - the front end is geared to sell.

Comprehensive and automated management of orders, stock, refunds and returns means the back end is focused on process efficiency.

Streamlined, search optimised, cross-browser compatible, standards compliant code is delivered by a robust and intuitive e-commerce Content Management System. Be empowered to effortlessly publish product as and when you want to. Utilise video, audio, PDFs, text, imagery and more.

Promote with discount codes, special offers, birthday promos, refer a friend and social media integration. Market with email to automatically generated successful (and abandoned cart) customer lists. Our e-commerce solution gives you the marketing tools to maximise sales.

A fantastic e-commerce is no good if your hosting environment is unreliable. We were founded to deliver the best-in-class e-commerce websites. That means we also provide clients with best-in-class hosting environments that are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring maximum up-time, security and reliability. From cloud to dedicated, lightweight or bandwidth hungry, your mission-critical solution is in the safest of hands. 

Ecommerce Quote

Incremental back-ups, 24/7 support, our maintenance offers total peace of mind. Should something go wrong, our promise is to resolve the issue as a priority, and to always assume responsibility.

Rely on our in-house digital marketing to provide popularity growth for your new e-commerce. Effective digital journey's starting from search, social, email and paid touch points begin conversation and turn those conversations into sales.

The digital environment offers both a unique opportunity to collect volumes of data, and the instant ability to interrogate it in a meaningful way. Ongoing measurement of CRM and Financial analytics is available in your CMS and through the Google suite of tools that are integrated with your e-commerce. 

Our post-launch e-commerce plan, ensures the review the initial results and offers the opportunity to identify and implement any recommendations for refinement. Your e-commerce will require an ongoing commitment and budget to consistently plan, trial, refine and evolve in order to maximise success.

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