Relaunching a B2B Website

Relaunching a B2B Website


Updating a B2B website can influence how prospects see your company, help protect your brand and generate higher quality sales leads from the right type of client.

However, it’s important to maximise the hard work and performance of your existing website, rather than start from scratch when relaunching a B2B website.

Clear objectives

Before anything, your B2B should only plan to relaunch a website if you have measurable objectives in mind. Whether you wish to increase lead generation, improve your organic search rankings or simply refresh your branding, you should be clear about what you want to achieve and how the performance of the new website will be measured.


Make sure to benchmark the performance of your existing website. Even it’s it just overview statistics and conversion data from Google Analytics, this data can help gauge and compare performance to determine the success of your relaunched website. Take note of multiple time frames, including past 12 months, past 5 years and even all time for important metrics such as acquisition channels, page visits, new users, bounce rate, time on site, conversions and, if possible, attributable revenue generated.

Ranking keywords

If your current B2B website is achieving high search positions for certain keywords, it makes sense that you’d want that to continue for your new website. Make a record of current SEO rankings for important keywords and aim to replicate, if not improve, this performance with the relaunched website. Furthermore, relaunching a website is a great time to reconsider your keyword strategy to ensure your website can achieve your business objectives.

Best performing assets

Whilst a website redesign can help boost performance, there’s a risk it can do actually harm the lead generation potential of your B2B company. Therefore, it’s important to take stock of what works well on your current website. Rather than remove it, you should repurpose your best performing assets for your new website. To discover your best performing assets, make a list of webpages with the most page visits, most conversions or most shared content.

Competitor analysis

Whilst you should never copy a competitor, it’s always interesting to see what works, and what doesn’t work, on your competitors’ websites. In addition to the visually-appealing assets of their branding and website design, it is worthwhile checking website performance too. Considering testing whether competitor websites are mobile-friendly, run page speed tests and check whether they’re secure (HTTPS).

Consider your audience

Every website should be created with the end user in mind, with all aspects of your B2B website focused on satisfying your target audiences’ needs. Audience personas can help provide identify their needs and prioritise important aspects of your new website, in addition to fine tuning the desired user journey.

Test, test, test

A website is never finished, it’s a work in progress that can always be improved. Your personas will constantly be evolving as too will the needs of your target audience, this is before you consider the latest technological advancements and innovations. Your B2B company should invest time and money in continually improving your website to maximise the opportunity to achieve your business objectives. Conversion rate optimisation can help maximise lead generation by analysing what’s working for your B2B website, and what can be improved.

If you want to relaunch your B2B website, speak to our friendly team today.

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